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From Another Room

by The Vale

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Recorded on a bedroom four-track partially in the hazy heat of summer and completed in the midst of a blizzard, From Another Room is a collection of carefully constructed and confessional tracks that document The Vale's beginnings as both artistic and romantic partners. Withdrawn whispers blanketed in washes of delay, detuned utterances offered without hope, adulterine desires obscured by the oppressive and constant presence of tape hiss - the album is enigmatically defined by both its confessional immediacy and sonic obscurity, and extended to you on the same medium which brought it into existence.


released February 18, 2014

Chace Wall - voice, guitar, banjo, organ
Marissa Deitz - vocals, baritone ukulele, cello

All songs written by Chace Wall and Marissa Deitz
Engineered by Chace Wall
Mastered by Doug Malone at Minbal Studios
Art by Anna Schachinger (



all rights reserved


The Vale Oakland, California

The Vale is an avant-pop duo formed in May 2013 by multi-instrumentalists Marissa Deitz and Chace Wall. Their confessional songwriting, intricate arrangements, and washed out, lo-fi recordings have garnered comparisons to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Grizzly Bear, Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, and White Fence. ... more

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Track Name: Summertime
Summertime is up
White earth is sleeping
Closed its wide, dreaming eye
And slipped away 'til the weather's fine
With hazy nights and the dragonflies

Summertime is up
But I'm not sleeping
Find I stay inside
Looking out for an inner light
Looking out for an inner light

The clouds above were daisy chains
Lingering with lazy grace
Then there came the autumn shade
Smoldering to winter's grey...
Track Name: What I Know
Before you came I had nothing to say
But now my tongue is alight with your name
Fast we grew and fast we fell
My my, oh well

You found me out
You've consumed me now
You'd go very far for me
I know that you'd risk everything

But they don't know
The things that we said
And I don't care
What a fool I've been and I don't know how this ends

And I can lie to him
But I can't lie to myself
And once I feel your touch I fear I won't let go
I fear I won't let go
And now I can't let go

But they don't know
The things that we said
And they don't know
That you've left me singing in the dark again
And all I know
Is that you are my friend
And I don't care
What a fool I've been but I'd like to have the chance

To say I love you
I do
I shouldn't love you
But I do
I love you
I love you
This is truth
Track Name: Western Sky
Back when I was four foot high
Cradled in a willow tree
I'd turn my sights up above the city's lights
And look to the western sky, oh
Off of the western sky

Back when I was five foot high
Alone and struggling to be
I had my hopes pinned upon a city's ghost
Off in the western sky, oh
Off in the western sky

And when I had lost everyone
It screamed out and I made to come
But when I arrived, I felt such shame
I found the western sky was just the same

Now that I'm near six foot high
And settled in a place back east
I find sometimes, and I do fear this desire,
I look to the western sky, oh
Off to the western sky
Track Name: Just for Now
I spend the hours of all my nights
Now laying alone
Wishing I might
Wishing I might find words
To ease the pain that you now hold

I know I've changed from years ago
When we were so near
But hear me, my dear
Hear me my dear, though I am gone
My heart is with you

And this is just for now
This is just for now
Let your hurt hang down in veils around you

I'll hold your hate
I'll take your scorn
'Cause darlin I know
The killer was me
The killer was me with silent feet
And eyes a'wandering

(This is just for now
This is just for now)
Track Name: So Would I (My, My)
I search you for an answer
For how you feel
I search you for an answer
But you don't yield

Time goes by, 'cause you're so shy
Time's on our side, some hazy nights

But you've got yours
and I've got mine
But if you would, my my,
So would I,
So would I

I search you for an answer
That I do need
I search you for an answer
and I will plead

'Cause you've got yours
and I've got mine
But if you would, my my,
So would I,
So would I
And if you would, my my,
So would I
Track Name: C'est la vie
Grey, grey hair
From thoughts of staying here
"I"s that I may never be

So I declared
An end to what has been
Five years gone, well, c'est la vie

Time does fly and grind

Hand on gun
Shots ring and it is done
And I lay before me dying

So I stare
Into the void unscared
How it shines and flickers and sighs

And to it's light I release my "I"

And I see you there
Track Name: Stacked Occurrences
Here an afternoon is stretching out
Golden window glare
Lingering are bits of August here and there

Here an empty room has overflowed
Silvery and bare
Paisley moonlight nesting in the summer air

Out of time
You could say
Stacked occurrences day by day
Empty hours
Wasted nights
Adding up as you'd expect they might

Sentient howls
From the trees
Sympathetic whispers shrugged away, oh me
Empty house
Wasted days
Never heeding the wiser way

Here an orange curtain shudders once
Inward slipped the breeze
Then I think it found a better place to be

Here a kitchen floor is unadored
Could maybe use a sweep
Bits of crumb are lying in the cracks it keeps
Track Name: Empty Manors
Sunlight streams within these dusty, empty rooms
Once a loving home this is a quiet, barren womb
Times they come and times they go
But even though I’m gone you’re not alone
Track Name: Of the Sea
Lay me on sweet Oregon evenings
Entwined you are the only
The only one to have my heart

You sleep as I study your breathing
And wonder how I'll ever
I'll ever be enough to hold your heart

And what may come
Track Name: I Am No Robot
I can't say what I mean
I don't know who I am

I can hear
the smile in your speech
You seem to smile in my ear
and it's nice

This is strange and we are few
I just want to be with you
See the void and calm the surge
Fill the space with what it's worth

I don't want
to think about me
I'm the disaster and you,
you're the king